Chantelle Jewellery Charity Support

"An old man walks along a beach and sees a young boy
throwing something into the water.

As he approaches,
he sees hundreds of starfish lining the beach, washed in from the tide.

The young boy is rushing around,
throwing the starfish back into the water one by one.

The old man asks why he bothers, its pointless.

There are too many starfish to help them all.

As he flings a starfish deep into the water, the young boy replies,

It mattered to that one".

Ein Betrag von jedem Kauf bei Chantelle Jewellery kommt IID zugute.

Das Seestern-Armband ist exklusiv für IID hergestellt worden.

Jeder Seestern repräsentiert ein Kind, dem geholfen wird. Der Ertrag geht direkt an IID.