Our Company

Chantelle Jewellery is a new swiss brand focused on high end jewellery from simple pieces to more elaborate pieces. There is a piece for each type of lady, therefore the collection has a variety of styles. Affordable jewellery to cater to your own personal desire. The aim, is for each lady to feel special. In order to do so, she should be able to tweak the designs to her personal taste to make that piece more personal. The collection as it is can be changed in two options: color and amount of diamonds according to your budget. When referring to color: one can choose white or yellow gold, and color choice of the gemstones (from white diamonds to colourful diamonds). Second option referring to amount of stones: we can cater to your budget with more or less stones. Every lady deserves to be spoilt, therefore Chantelle Jewellery will make it for you. We can not forget the rest of the family, so there is something for Children/Teenagers and Gentlemen that can be altered to their taste too.

Sold for the first time in Switzerland and in other parts of Europe.  Chantelle Jewellery makes sure the designs are exciting and tempting for each type of lady and for all in the family with affordable prices.

Come and have a peek and see what delights are waiting for you.